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    Richard Cheney

    Welcome, this site is established for people who want to help spread the truth about Madyson Marquette to aid in discrediting the lies that she tells in order to fund her run from authorities.

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    Well you got our attention. Good job with all this. This setup is actually a fukn great idea. I’d like to know what it takes to set this up because I would literally do one for each Grifter. Well at least the big names that alot of us have heaps of information on. Like Jessie Czebotar for example.

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    Paul Pecott

    What happened to the video on rumble?

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    Ginette Martin

    One of my huge concerns after reading some of this information is for her two sons!!!! I pray they are safe, and soon out of her hands…. By her actions she is teaching them to be bullies and scam artists…. Not to mention the mental anguish they have to be going through with all her manufactured evidence and lawsuits….She puts them right in the middle of it all…. Sad…

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